Project for Information Security Course: Clientless SSL VPN Connection

SSL Clientless VPN works as a secured tunnel from client to company’s LAN.


ciscoasa(config)#username matias password matiasrichterich
ciscoasa(config)#group-policy vpn internal
ciscoasa(config)#group-policy vpn attributes
ciscoasa(config-group-policy)#vpn-tunnel-protocol ssl-clientless
ciscoasa(config-group-webvpn)#url-list value Server4
ciscoasa(config-group-webvpn)#tunnel-group matiasvpn type remote-access
ciscoasa(config)#tunnel-group matiasvpn general-attributes
ciscoasa(config-tunnel-general)#default-group-policy vpn
ciscoasa(config-tunnel-general)#username matias attributes
ciscoasa(config-username)#vpn-group-policy vpn
ciscoasa(config-webvpn)#enable outside

Project for Information Security Course: Simulating Internet In Packet Tracer

Simulating Internet

By simulating Internet I mean creating a cloud which represents the action made by ISPs and other devices along the path to remote network’s target device. Continue reading

Project for Information Security Course: Connecting Devices and Configuring DHCP server


Getting started

I thought that it would be important first step to plan the addressing scheme. I segmented every department in their own VLAN and every VLAN has it’s own host range. For getting known a little better with subnetting math, I didn’t assign easiest /24 bit masks for every subnet. For sake of complexity and training, subnets has /25, /26 or /30 bit long masks. Continue reading

Project for Information Security Course: Designing The Topology part 2

16.10.2018 22:32

Before we’re starting to actually even do anything, I have been thinking about the network’s core structure. I want to separate every department, but is it necessary to give every segment it’s own router? It seems to be costly, a lot of work to configure and maintain. What if we just put two layer 3 switches in middle of everything? Continue reading

Project for Information Security Course: Designing The Topology

Planning  the project

As a part of our Information Security Course in Haaga-Helia, we are going to implement a working topology in Cisco Packet Tracer software. We are working in group of three students.  As it is Information Security Course, our goal is to accomplish secure and fully working network. Continue reading