Track work time with Raspberry Pi & RFID

As a school assignment we did a program which reads information and timestamps from RFID cards and sends them to Excel workbook into our virtual private server (VPS) across the Internet. Then it automatically calculates work time between timestamps. We did set up the VPS for creating a account to each “employee”. With this we accomplished a personal work time Excel workbook, which only the employee and administrator can access with any device which has Internet connection.

We used Raspberry Pi 3 model B as platform for our project. Pi runs Rasbian as operating system. We used 13.56MHz MFRC522 RFID reader to communicate between RFID cards and the Raspberry Pi.

Program which creates information from RFID cards to Excel workbooks is made with python. It reads card’s ID number and name, creates timestamp and end of the day, it usese Excel to calculates how much time have you spent at work. And all this it writes to {employee’s name}.xlxs file in remote server. As a employee, all you need to do is type to terminal, are you going to work or leaving and show your card. We used NextCloud as database in VPS and NextCloud’s client software to automate synchronizing folders between our Raspberry Pi and VPS.

When you tag outside, the program automatically inserts a formula to Excel. This formula calculates automatically from dynamic cells, how much time have you spent at work today.

Left side is tags when going to work and right side when leaving work.

A/E column = To work / leaving
B/F column = Name of the employee
C/G column = Date of the timestamp
D/H column = Timestamp
I column = Time spent at work

Source codes from our teams Git page

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